Thursday, November 24, 2011

movie review: the twilight saga: breaking dawn - part 1

I didn't even watch this movie yet. But, some says that this movie is not even worth watching.. Well, except for Twilight's fan.. 

"They play chess a lot before having sex. And after too".. Haha, lawak2..

Read this if you must..

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" is a slow movie that runs for a lengthy 110 minutes and is completely useless. Everything in the film is prolonged and many of the scenes are just additional scenes to fill up the vacant spaces. "Twilight" was great, "New Moon" was a downfall, "Eclipse" stood out with more action, and this one - it sucks! The beginning, as you may have seen in the trailers, Bella marries Edward. A lot of emotional moments and talking, this and that. Then they have a lot of kissing and hugging and kissing and hugging that if you combine all the kissing scenes in the movie, maybe it could last until an hour. Then they go have a honeymoon and then something happens.

They did IT and the impossible became possible. Bella became pregnant (as seen in the trailer) and then the baby is killing Bella, taking her nutrients and we see an unhealthy Bella for around 40 minutes.

Maybe the scene in the end was a little exciting as it was quite thrilling. There was some fighting, a small dose of fighting that maybe didn't even last up till 5 minutes. I won't tell you what happened in the end because that's an important element in the story. If I tell you that, I'll spoil the movie, if you even plan on watching it.

The other scenes are ridiculously useless. There's nothing to admire in the other scenes. Unlike "Eclipse", even though it's slow paced, there are a lot of things to see, to explore. "Breaking Dawn - Part 1", I don't think so. Because the content here is so little, I don't even think a "Part 2" is needed. Harry Potter really needs because there are plenty of things to talk about and each of them is vital to the story. But here, kissing and hugging are not really necessary and just a waste of time.

In summary, this movie will as always appeal to die-hard fans of the series. Unlike Harry Potter which appeals to readers and non-readers, this movie apparently doesn't appeal to non-readers (except if you're a teenage girl who loves Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner, etc.). I've never been interested in reading the books as opposed to the Harry Potter series which I read and enjoyed. This series, each book is just the same. Edward and Bella. Someone interrupts. Nothing new. Harry Potter? There's Horcruxes. Half-Blood Prince. Order of the Phoenix. Many things that are fun to explore.

Overall, I only recommend this movie if you're a die-hard fan of the series. Plus, I don't really think "Part 2" is really needed. Based on the ending provided, "Part 2" is absolutely useless. It's slow-paced, its content is so little, its useless. Probably "Part 2" was to just get more money. I feel sorry for Harry Potter. Harry Potter had always been great in every movie. But this, they don't deserve this much money.

credited to Prince AJB


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