Saturday, December 25, 2010

new sem, new hope

It's been quite a while since my last post. Nothing in particular to be my excuse, just malasss..haha. Besides, the network coverage in my place is totally sucks causing the internet to be in super-duper-slow condition. Can u imagine the max speed of the connection is barely 100 kbps, average is 20 kbps.. Mak ai...

The result of the last sem's exam was announced yesterday. Most of my course mate score cgp above than 3 pointer. For me, i would say my result quite a success even though it is not as high as others. For the record, my last 3 pointer cgp was in the first year. It's been quite a while..hehh~

In the next last semester, i only take one subject along with my final year project. Class only take place on Monday and Thursday, the rest is just doing fyp (i hope) + sleep..haha... With this leniency, i hope i can repair my cgpa.

Yeah, new sem new hope~

*mak ai, bosannye post..hahaha

Thursday, December 16, 2010

resepi misteri

Resepi misteri dari alam bunian...


Camni punye resepi pon ade ke..adoii

Thursday, December 9, 2010

kecargasan di pagi khamis

Jam 7.45 pagi

Awan mendung gelap, hujan renyai-renyai, suasana sejuk, dingin. Memang best kalau berselimut.

"mak, macam nak makin lebat je hujan" aku berkata pada isteri bos di seat belakang.

"nak buat macam mane, dah nak sampai dah" isteri bos reply.

Hujan takde menunjukkan tanda-tanda nak berhenti. Makin lebat ade r. Baju dah makin basah. Kepale sejuk-sejuk campur pening kene hujan pagi. Sejuknye jangan cakap r. Honda Wave bersama Honda EX5 sama-sama meredah hujan menuju ke kebun. 

Harga getah cair ~ RM11.90 sekilo dan harga getah beku ~ RM5.30 sekilo membuatkan bos, isteri bos serta penduduk-penduduk kg aku yang lain tak senang duduk. Bos kate kalau tinggal sehari mau kene curik skrap kt kebun nih.

cargas aku pagi-pagi ni mandi hujan..hehh

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

home sweet home+salam maal hijrah




2 3 kali aku try buat post, tapi aram takde idea nak tulis pe...ciss. Gelap je kt pale otak. Takde pape yang kuar. Bengangnye jangan cakap r. Rase cam nk bakar rumah orang sebelah je.

Agaknye dah lame tak bukak blog ni kot. Tambah lagi tenet tahap GPRS yang super lembab tak hingat. Buatkan idea tak datang.

Anyway, rase best dapat cuti 3 minggu kat rumah. Home sweet home~

Pada yang kat usm tu, bawak-bawak la balik rumah. Tak kire r ko orang Serawak ke, orang Sungai Beso ke, orang Kelate ke, balik la. Mak korang rindu kt korang...hehe

Dan salam Maal Hijrah, moga kite sume berubah ke arah yang lebih baik.

Friday, December 3, 2010

aku pencinta alam: kuantan

Taking place on the last weekend which of course, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, me and the other two pencinta alam went to Kuantan, Pahang for some relaxation after a heart-pounding stressful weeks of examination. Nothing much to write about the exam. Ow, only one word, SUCKSS! There, what a relief~~

Back to the Kuantan story.

Arrived in the Saturday mid day after half-a-day traveling by bus, train and komuter. It's quite an experience to me because i'd never travel by bus for more than 8 hours. My experience, 5 hours at most.

Served with lamb masak pe ntah by Baron's mom. Totally delicious. My mom is not a lamb eater as well as my father, so, never taste lamb dishes while at home. His nenek frequently asked me to add some more rice. Of course i cannot refuse. Hoho.. Kenyang siot..

Going to Teluk Chempedak. It's same like Teluk Batik. Different is it is more lively than T. Batik; with skaters, street artists, KFC, McD, etc.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

recuva the rescuer

After a whole day regretting my yesterday's foolish action which causing me to lose certain important files from my media disk partition, my future ex-roomate, Pdot, comes with such a reliable suggestion.

"why don't u just capture those pictures again..." what an idea, rather stupidity nor cleverness. Nah, this was not his dialogue. He won't say something as stupid as this.

"why don't u recover those files" he said.

"eh, can we really do that?" quite shock i guess.

"yes my friend.."

What the heck,  why don't i give a try. Its not that i'll lose something if i try. So i search " how to recover formatted data" and "recuva" at Google, and what a surprise, he wasn't bluffing. What i found was a software which called Recuve . It is able to recover "permanent" data loss caused by either formatting or deleting. The software isn't using large space of your disk. It's very useful though.


After several hours scanning, my files which were deleted yesterday finally been recovered as good as new. It trace back every tiny little files without any reduction on its size. Yes, as good as new!

Time kaseh Abe Recuva..yeah!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

format atau buang??

Bagi memenuhi kehendak nafsu serakah tajuk FYP, aku telah berkorban satu-satunye bende yang aku simpan  dengan penuh kasih sayang dalam Compaq aku ni selama berkurun lamanya. Semuanya gara-gara cubaan aku menginstall Ansys 12.1. Sofware yang cam bangsat susah nak install. 

Buat kali yang ke-20 cubaan baru dapat install. Dah naik pening aku punye laptop. Tu tak termasuk 3-4 kali format laptop.

Format. Ya, format. Buat  hati aku mendidih bile dengar. Kalau ade anak kucing lalu depan aku memang direct aku bagi pelempang je. Panas ati btol.

"Relek dulu, makan beger dulu" 2-3 kali si Mustaqim Aman pelawa aku nak bagi sejuk ati. Takde nak sejuk ati ni makan beger. Nak kene lempang anak kucing gak.