Sunday, June 12, 2011

first week of work

the job of a project engineer is basically to make sure the model are processed and received by customer as schedule. that is my job in this company, UWC Holding sdn Bhd, a sheet metal-forming-kind of factory. it is not a boombastic-kind-of company, just enough for me to gain experience for a year or two.

in my first week of this company, what i'd found out was, there is a position in the company which called 'Planner' doing exactly the same thing as i did. so, what the heck?? for the second thought, i had my doubt on this company. why hiring me for the same job as planner?? my assumption: in the past, in the earlier time of this organization, they didn't have budget to hire a person for RM2200 to run the operation. so, Planner were hired. Wallah!! end of story.

sometimes, when operators asked me, "Planner baru ke ko ni?"

my answer, "lebih kurang la"..


Wani said...

da ghoje.. tahniah! =)

ps: da bole potong satu kt whishlist tepi tuh..haha

iPai said...

wah .. tahniah2 ... dah keje dah .. betul2 .. gain exp dulu .. then lompat2 .. uhuh

♥suNa husNa♥ said...

koje jgn xkojeeeeee

Anak Pak Muin said...

wani: tq..haha, bru teringat.potong da :D

ipai: yup, lompat2..haha

suna: hehe, ye saye

me suya said...

en lan!!! good luck
esok me gonna be like u.. mula kerja.. wish me luck!

Anak Pak Muin said...

eh, kate nak sambung master?

nurulfzz said...

Ko keje kt mane lan?