Saturday, June 25, 2011

this is a bored entry

It’s been a while since my last update regarding my job in UWC Holding. No excuses. Just not in the mood to update this blog. I keep repeating the same things every day. Very much not-interesting-style of life, I would say. 

I missed my life as a student, so many things that I can do: skipping class, backpacking, fishing, playing in the evening, picnic, jogging and so much more. Having a job restricted me to do these things.
Maybe I am in the ‘changing period’ from a student type of person into a responsible-serious-‘muke ketat’ type of person. 

Like I said before, “we can’t afford to stay young forever”. Yeah, that’s true. We have responsibility; responsibility to our parents, to our family, to our future wife and children, and to our country. This reminds me of what my friend had told me a couple days ago;

“weh lan, aku dah buat kira-kira. Balance wet kite kalau dah tambah tolak pe sume, tinggal rm600+- je. Ape la nak makan bagi anak bini makan bile kawen nanti kalau banyak ni je. “

For a single, this kind of money is acceptable to live in about a month, but for married, makan sardin la jawabnye yop oii. Haha. 

It’s time to start thinking of the future that we will face. Think on where our money will go: how much ‘duit hantaran’ do we must prepare, what kind of car do we want to buy, what size of house we want to buy / rent. It’s all matters. How do we able to pay all these things if duit cukup makan je. Plan our money wisely, and find the company that will give you a hell amount of money. Haha. Not to be picky, but for our insurance for the future.

What a bored entry….



iPai said...

weh tak bosan ok .. jangan cakap cam tuh

hmm, actually, aku pun dalam keadaan cam ni .. lg2 tak keje lagi kan .. lagi rasa cam loser gile ..

tp kalau susun elok2, rancang elok2, nanti jd ok ..

n pasal hobi, no komen

selamat bekerja bro ..

me suya said...

lan. betul sgt ape yg ko ckp tu.. setuju.. tp itu la.. jadikan menyimpan tu satu amalan.. tabungan kena ade.. then satu lagi.. Sardin mahal la weyh. kawen kang makan telur lah... 3singgit :)