Friday, December 3, 2010

aku pencinta alam: kuantan

Taking place on the last weekend which of course, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, me and the other two pencinta alam went to Kuantan, Pahang for some relaxation after a heart-pounding stressful weeks of examination. Nothing much to write about the exam. Ow, only one word, SUCKSS! There, what a relief~~

Back to the Kuantan story.

Arrived in the Saturday mid day after half-a-day traveling by bus, train and komuter. It's quite an experience to me because i'd never travel by bus for more than 8 hours. My experience, 5 hours at most.

Served with lamb masak pe ntah by Baron's mom. Totally delicious. My mom is not a lamb eater as well as my father, so, never taste lamb dishes while at home. His nenek frequently asked me to add some more rice. Of course i cannot refuse. Hoho.. Kenyang siot..

Going to Teluk Chempedak. It's same like Teluk Batik. Different is it is more lively than T. Batik; with skaters, street artists, KFC, McD, etc.

Baron the tour host and En Jay

The next day. Preparing ingredients for fishing party, worms.

A first-timer fisher, En Jay patiently wait his bait to be eaten.

After a few hours waiting, First fish!

 That night. Accidentally playing badminton with Pok Jad and friends.

Final day. Baron's whole family in the fishing fiesta. 

Government's campaign to attract Malaysian to visits local beaches, islands, etc.

Next destination, Cherating Beach.

Me and Cherating beach. A beautiful beach it is; water is clear and sand is soft. 

 Chalet for rent.

View from shaded tree.

After returning to USM, I'd just remembered Baron's promised place before the tour: Gambang Water Park..hehh..Maybe next time i guess~


mOoN said...

maen badminton pkai sandal tuu...

Anak Pak Muin said... da kate accidentally, xplan pon nk men..:D

En Jay said...

syahdu bro, mengenang lamb masak apa tah

Anak Pak Muin said...

syahdu smpai nk nitik air mate ka jay..isk2

sarzli said...

pegi x ajak..