Saturday, December 25, 2010

new sem, new hope

It's been quite a while since my last post. Nothing in particular to be my excuse, just malasss..haha. Besides, the network coverage in my place is totally sucks causing the internet to be in super-duper-slow condition. Can u imagine the max speed of the connection is barely 100 kbps, average is 20 kbps.. Mak ai...

The result of the last sem's exam was announced yesterday. Most of my course mate score cgp above than 3 pointer. For me, i would say my result quite a success even though it is not as high as others. For the record, my last 3 pointer cgp was in the first year. It's been quite a while..hehh~

In the next last semester, i only take one subject along with my final year project. Class only take place on Monday and Thursday, the rest is just doing fyp (i hope) + sleep..haha... With this leniency, i hope i can repair my cgpa.

Yeah, new sem new hope~

*mak ai, bosannye post..hahaha


-apis- said...

tersedak ak baca entry hg..haha
hg nk repair pkai plier @ spana lan?

ashall said...

haha..xpe2..try ur best..spanar? pun boleh..haha

Mawar Merah said...

Makcik MM nak berleter ckit ni: Blaja la elok2.. Pulun ckup2 kasi CGPA setinggi yg boleh. Blaja ni is part of a beginning journey. Ada kes ni (terkena kat hubby MM sebenarnye). Ktorg sekuliah ms kt UM dlu. MM mcm biase la, rjin blaja. skor habis. Hubby MM? Main2 je keje dia. smpi la kitorg hbis blaja. JPA pggl interview jwtn yg mmg kitorg tgu2. MM je yg dipggl n alhamdulillah dpt. hubby MM? xdishortlist utk interview. tp sib baik la dia gigih cr keje. dpt la jd lecturer akhirnya.

De'din said...

good luck untuk sem seterusnya
btw, happy new year
hope all your dreams and wishes come true !

hana hambali said...

ang bukan dah grad ka? sambung master ka wei?