Sunday, January 2, 2011

movie review: law abiding citizen

Lately i'd been watching several movies as my free-time fulfillment besides celebrating new year countdown in queensbay. The countdown event was sucx, and the firework was hopeless. Damn it!..This movie is among others movies that i'd watched lately; the prestige, the tourist, gulliver's travel, ice age and one and only, hantu kak limah..haha. Quite an interesting movie hantu kak limah is. 

Ok, law abiding citizen..

There is a man named Clyde. He has a lovely wife and a beautiful  little daughter and lived in harmony. One day, a pair of thieves (Ames and Darby) came to their house, stab him in the stomach, killed and raped his wife and killed his daughter. He was barely saw his daughter getting slaughtered by the thieves. So, he simply had a weak evidence.

The thieves were captured by police after several weeks. Darby made a deal with the district attorney (DA) claiming he is not guilty but the truth is he was the one that slaughtered the whole family except for Clyde. In this story, there is a rule that allow suspect to made a deal with the DA in return to some favor. So, Darby was released without any further investigation. Clyde was disappointed with the system, he felt that the law was abiding him.

After 10 years, with a well-preparation, Clyde returns with vengeance. He killed both Ames and Darby (cut into 25 pieces). He let himself get caught by the police as he planned. There, he plays with the rules and the court, kills prisoner, and others. His purpose was just to show how corrupt the system was.

*p/s: if u are pregnant, or u have heart problem, u might don't want to see this movie....

rating: 7/10


iPai said...

wah .. ni cerita best ni .. rasa nak tengok balik je

Anak Pak Muin said...

bg aku cter ni bes..tgk r..hehe

suNa HusN@ said...

mujo mlm new year dok kt blik layan korea je...lg best..hee

Anak Pak Muin said...

aaaa....bunge api xbes, konsert xbes, countdown xbes..haha