Sunday, January 2, 2011

movie review: the prestige

Are you watching closely?....

What did u know about magician? Are they using magic by dealing with demon or devil?? Then they are a wizard or shaman, not magician. A magician using tricks to trick the audiences. The only thing that differentiate between the good tricks and the bad tricks is; the complexity of the tricks and how it is delivered.

The prestige is totally one of the great movie i'd ever watched. It is about two apprentices  (hugh jackman and christian bale) of a magician. Due to some reason, both of them got separated but still doing their magic shows on their own. From there, they struggling, get their hands dirty to gain new idea/tricks. Each tricks are secrets to the inventor/magician.

Until certain time, christian come up with a trick called "the transportation man" by simply using a double (the man which have similar face) and he became famous. Hugh doesn't want to believe that christian was just using double. He became obsessed and bring him to meet Tesla, a scientist.

No doubt it is an interesting story..Want to know more? Watch urself r...

p/s: I only post movie review if the movie satisfy me..and if u're not a fan of a flashback-present-future-type-of-movie, don't watch this movie

rating: 8/10

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iPai said...

wah .. tak penah tgk cerita ni lagi .. this is so gonna be on my list