Tuesday, October 19, 2010

vortex tube competition day

Date: 18th October 2010
Venue: Heat Transfer Lab & Robotic Lab
Judge: Dr Zaza

Last Monday, the vortex tube competition was successfully been held without any problem. There were about 13 teams took part in the competition. Each vortex was tested to check the lowest temperature it can gain by using Thermocouple and pressured air from compressor. Each team was evaluated by Dr Zaza according to the rule he'd made few years back. After a tight competition between these teams,the result of top 6 lowest temperature are as below:
      1. -0.6 degree C ~ team black widow (the winning team)
      2. -0.1 degree C ~ team In Hock
      3. 4.0 degree C ~ team Apit
      4. 4.2 degree C ~ team Epam
      5. 4.5 degree C ~ team Red Scorpion
      6. 6.3 degree C ~ team Jawarian Carrrrrrrrrgggggaaaasssssssss

 Dr Zaza

 Dr Zaza

 Dr Zaza

 Dr Zaza

Marcus de Marzuki,  Red Scorpion Team Leader. Still able to smile even his team lose badly

 Apit, Blue Rangers team leader

 Ariel. Tired of his gossip with Luna Maya

 Alip, the Kuala Kangsarian

En Jay the Jawarian and Paklah the Best Cadet

 Epam the Green Kamen Rider

 Picture 1

 Picture 2

 Picture 3

 Picture 4
 The winning team...congratz~


Anonymous said...

Mane gambaq lan boroi?? kami nak lan boroi!!

Anak Pak Muin said...

artis bese r kuar lambat..

epam said...

dem u lan..kamen rider cyclone kot..hahah

Sun@ hUsNa said...

kamen rider cyclone x smart ar epan..!ngeh2

lan:waa..pengulasan yg da best..hehehe

jawarian cargas said...

patotnye kne ade gak ranking 6..tmbh ar lg satu rankng..group jai the cargas jawarian neh..

En Jay said...

yeah, ariel!

sarzli said...

mne group carrrrgas???

Anak Pak Muin said...

aku tak tau no6 sape..sbb 2 wat smpai 5 je

jawarian cargas said...

ak taw..ranking 6 ialah jawarian carrgas..6.3 degree C..

blue rangers said...

top 5 sudahhh....top 6 x sdp dgr...

Anak Pak Muin said...

aku tambah da

heydeps! said...

heyhello :O
you have a nice blog :) too, thanks fr coming on my blog