Saturday, March 26, 2011

laporan majlis makan malam mekanik+manufact

For the 1st time ever, Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering had approved the organization of 'Majlis Makan Malam Mekanik 2011'. It is quite an experience because non of us had ever attend this kind of dinner since the past 3  years due to our Deans strictness in organizing event which is claimed to be non-academical  and non-beneficial event. Adohoi. 

Anyway, last night was such a wonderful night. Everybody dressed-up based on the theme suggested: "Red". The girls look lovely and the boys look happening. It is so wonderful. Hope that this event will be organized in the upcoming years and will never be stopped. Arigato to the organizer and sayonara USM...Cait~

Boys in Red with Prof Horizon..

Girls in Red

Bo#1 and Bo#2

Block 6 Gang





Nice pic~

Fulfilling the theme. Aww~

Picture credited to Sarzli~


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Anak Pak Muin said...

sape die yg comey?

-apis- said...

mesti en lan

iPai said...

mak ai .. sampai ke pintu depan .. huhuh

Anak Pak Muin said...

pe yg smpai pintu dpn pai?

kash said...

tgk candid#3..aku da kepit abeh da kaki..cube tgk sape dok kanan kiri aku..haha..kesian tol..adeii

hafiz said...

ak sedih tnpa disisi mu lan.-pisan-