Wednesday, June 20, 2012

steps in dismantling launching girder

Ok, this is launching girder (LG). The thing that lift up segment of the bridge. 


This is the 600 tonne crane barge (crane on the floating barge) which used to lift up LG components, part by part. Have you ever visited Menara Condong in Teluk Intan? The base of the crane even bigger than the Menara Condong, and, the renting cost for this crane per day is madly expensive.

 First step: Lift up winch trolley and service crane and placed them on the floating barge.

Second step: Lift up the middle diaphram which consists of generator set and main switchboard.  

Third step: Lift up main truss (south side) and placed it on another floating barge.

 Forth step: Lift up main truss (north side) and placed it on the floating barge

Main trusses on floating barge.

The next step would be lifting up the front, rear, and auxiliary support which are the bases that support the whole truss. But, I already gone to jetty at that moment. Haha..

LG dismantlement happens on almost once in two years. Hence, it is very rare to watch the process along the project. So, take picture la..Bukan selalu jumpe ma..

By the way, this is Loetchai, the senior superitendant in charged on the girder.

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