Tuesday, April 12, 2011


While i was scrolling over FB page with my mouse, i saw a statement which caught my interest. The statement sounded like this:

"Whether you are from Brazil or England, it is a question of how much you want to sacrifice. Say you want to have the perfect body but you are too lazy to work out. You want to stop smoking but it is hard to throw the cigarette away. You want to stop drinking but it is hard not to buy a bottle. It is about the sacrifice"
-credited to Kaka Karim-

Like the old saying, "Barangsiapa yang makan cabai burung, die terase pedasnye". It may be difficult, but i see myself in this statement. I won't tell u which part. haha..

To explain it in a simple way, let me tell u in term of examples. It's human nature, they love examples. hehe..

     ~U wanted to stop ur hair from falling, but u don't want to stop eating Maggie.

     ~U wanted to be respected, but u don't respect others.

     ~U wanted to make friends, but u too shy to start a conversation.

     ~U wanted ur idea to be accepted, but u don't accept other's.

You see, it's all about sacrifice. Everything that u wanted ( a good job, a splendid pointer, a six packed stomach, a good final exam, a good friend, etc)  requires u to make a sacrifice. Life isn't as simple as we think.



♥suNa husNa♥ said...

org 1st..heheheee
nk wat thesis tapi kena sacrife rht..

SITI said...

nasihat berguna..tq en lan :)

iPai said...

nasihat yang bagus ni .. kena bagitahu yang len2 juga

Anonymous said...

Lan mesti nk yg six pack tu...hahahaha

Anonymous said...


me suya said...

sacrifice untuk thesis.
berjuang untuk final la pulak~